O8 Orange Kiss Angled Shading Brush

69.00 RON

The Angled Shading Brush is designed to applying and blending eye shadows in the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

☑ Bristles it’s mixed of vegan & natural pony fibers.
☑ Ferrules are made of copper
☑ Matte wooden handles
☑ Height: 1.3 cm; Width: 1 cm

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MISA O8 is a fluffy-angled brush that will allow you to make several thinks with it like applying eyeshadows in the inner and outer corners of the eyes in order to smudge with the darker shades to obtain the perfect shadows. As well, this form allows highlighting the browbone zone.


Due to its unique shape, this brush is the perfect option for creating the smoked, winged look from the lower lash line.

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