The beginning of a change …

… started in 2002 when I decided to dedicate a special part of my daily routine to art and creativity. Becoming a makeup artist was, therefore, a logical conclusion to my passion, ambition and commitment to create perfection through beauty.

I believe with all my heart that makeup is more than an industry;
it is a life-time relationship with art, vision and imagination.
I cultivated in my mind each symbol, image and color.

We are living in the era of endless possibilities and are allowed to express ourselves as unique personalities. I’ve always admired the spirit of strong women and their courage to go after their dreams.
Thus, I trust that sooner or later all my wishes and aims will become reality.

MISA is a brand with a statement. We promote art in all its aspects because, as we believe, Makeup Is Art. We create brushes since these, particularly, are the continuation of the talent and the fingers of a makeup artist. And YES! – MISA owns magical brushes which, literally and figurative, will ease our daily work.

The beauty industry is invaded by large quantities of tools and products which bring little or no value. MISA Team aims to keep creating something unique and useful for each of us, lovers of makeup.
Follow us in our journey to perfection and discover the gallery of our products.

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