O19S Orange Kiss Angled liner Brush

49.00 RON

The Angled Liner Brush perfect for create the various eyeliner styles or defining your eyebrows.

☑ Bristles are made of vegan fibers
☑ Ferrules are made from copper
☑ Matte wooden handles
☑ Height: 0.6 cm; Width: 0.4 cm

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MISA O19s brush is made of high-quality vegan fiber which doesn’t distort when using waterproof products. This universal brush is a perfect replacement for any brow, eyeliner or lip pencil.


MISA O19s brush allows to fill in eyebrows in an ultra-fine and natural manner, as well as draw perfectly graphical arcades, and tint brows with henna. Moreover, if you choose to apply a red lipstick flawlessly, the sharp top of MISA O19s is the best tool to help you.

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