New & exclusive


Orange Kiss Collection


Orange Collection kit consists of 20 bestseller brushes, all of them indispensable for both makeup artists and beginners.
All brushes have a unique design and shape to help you create a total look with one set. The kit contains 6 brushes for face preparation, and 14 brushes for achieving a flawless eye, cheek and lips makeup, depending on your imagination and creativity.
The collection includes two types of bristles: natural hair and high-quality vegan fiber. The natural hair bristles work extremely well with loose textures, glitters, eyeshadows, highlighters, while the vegan ones are manufactured for liquid and creamy textures.


Travel Collection


MISA’s Travel Collection is specially designed for strong, independent women that like to travel and don’t have enough space to carry all the makeup tools with her. This high-quality set of 8 brushes is petite, the ultra-compact design made of innovative cruelty-free Jess Fiber includes all the essentials to create a complete makeup look. This full-face brush set will get you ready effortlessly in just a few minutes.


Emerald Collection


Luxury Emerald Collection for the most exquisite makeup lovers.

Emerald kit consisting of 15 bestseller brushes, all of them indispensable for both makeup artists and beginners.
All brushes have a unique design and shape to help you create a complete look with one set. They would act on you softly, gently due to its smoothest bristle of a white goat hair of the class A+.   
As well, particularly for this Full Collection, we included 2 face brushes made of high-quality duo-fiber bristle that will easily let you turn to perfection every liquid texture on your face. There are 6 face brushes and 9 eye brushes.


Puro Collection


Inspired by the Japanese desire for simplicity, Puro collection stands for minimalism in design and maximalism in quality. This exclusive Blending Set is all you need for a flawless blending of colors. The bristle was handcrafted using innovative synthetic fiber which perfectly resembles natural squirrel hair. The brushes have an incredibly soft touch to smoothly distribute and blend eyeshadow for a perfect look.

Blend like a pro. Blend with PURO.


Manifesto Collection


Manifesto is a collection with a statement: Luxury can be harmless. Our innovative Jess fiber was exclusively created to perfectly resemble natural animal hair and keep all its qualities intact. Jess fiber is soft, resilient, fluffy and absolutely cruelty-free.



Makeup Sponges


Misa Beauty Sponge is a versatile beauty tool special designed with a revolutionary hydrophilic technology to evenly blend makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish. It’s made of non-latex material with unique anti-oil formula that will not damage the skin, soft and smooth, suitable for any kind of skin.

Product Advantages:

  • It’s perfect for blending large areas of the face with a dabbing motion.
  • It has a low density, soft and smooth texture with very few pores.
  • Covers blemishes and imperfections.
  • Angular tip for reaching hard accessible zones like around the eyes and nose.
  • Ideal for liquid foundation, bb creams and even for loose products.
  • latex-free and hypoallergenic.
  • It has a good water absorption and it increases about 1.8 times after getting wet.
  • Can be used both dry or wet.

Brow Collection


Discover our new bundle of 5 brushes for impeccable eyebrows!

B1 Synthetic Brow Brush
The B1 brush is a high-quality synthetic brush which helps you achieve flawless graphical eyebrows due to its angled bristle.

B2 Natural Brow Brush
The B2 brush was manufactured using natural hair and is the perfect tool for filling in your eyebrows with dry or loose textures.

B3 Precision Brow Brush
The B3 brush is the best friend of those who need more precision while filling in their eyebrows or simply want to cover some spots.

B4 Angle Flat Brush
The B4 angled brush is handcrafted using high-quality synthetic fiber and is great for applying gel, creamy textures, henna or tint.

B5 Brow Comb Brush
The B5 brush will make sure that your eyebrows are perfectly combed and ready to be shown off.