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The Puro VI is crafted specifically to apply and blend foundation of any density, bronzer and sculptor cream or dry textures, will help to sand the powder.

☑ Bristles are made of natural white goat hair class A+
☑ Ferrules are made of copper
☑ Matte wooden handles
☑ Height of Bristle: 3.5 cm; Width: 3.5 cm

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Handcrafted using the softest natural white goat hair of class A+, due to its shape, it is ideal for applying dry or cream textures, creating a smooth and even, and most importantly, weightless coverage.


Is multifunctional brush, designed for applying blush, contouring, sanding powder and highlighter. Perfect for apply easily and flawlessly your foundation. Easily evens out skin of any type, including aging skin.

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