21 Precision brush

73.00 RON

The PRECISION BRUSH works best for applying eye shadow to the outer corner.

☑ Bristles are made of black goat bristles
☑ Ferrules are made of copper
☑ Lacquered wooden handles
☑ Height: 1 cm; Width: 0.7 cm

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Handcrafted using natural black goat hair, MISA 21 is a small but extremely useful blending brush, which helps to work on the outer corners of the eye, accentuate the crease, as well as to create an intensive lower lash line. The tiny pointed bristle allows to bring in vibrant accents, luminous spot effects and volume.


Hold the brush at 90 degrees from the surface of the lid and blend extensively. The rigid goat bristle will make sure that your eye shadow is dispersed perfectly even. MISA 21 is a universal brush designed not only to create a flawless eye makeup, but also a seamless brow filling by using powder shadows.

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