O17 Orange Kiss Pencil Brush

54.00 RON

The SMALL PENCIL BRUSH is designed to create color accents on the outer or inner corners of the eye.

☑ Bristles it’s mixed of vegan & natural pony fibers.
☑ Ferrules are made of copper
☑ Matte wooden handles
☑ Height: 0.7 cm; Width: 0.4 cm

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MISA O17 it’s a short, pointed brush that is good for emphasizing the crease and outer corner for a stronger, defined color. Moreover, this brush is a wonderful tool for blending the eyeshadow on the lower lash line or to highlight the inner corner of the eye.


As well, this MISA O17 brush is a wonderful tool to achieve the ombre lip effect while blurring harsh lip liner and blending in lipstick.