m07 Bamboo Eye shadow brush

122.00 RON

The m07 brush was specially designed for an effortless application of eye shadow.

☑ Bristles are made of squirrel bristles
☑ Ferrules are made of copper
☑ Bamboo handles
☑ Height: 1.5 cm; Width: 1 cm

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As all brushes from our Bamboo Collection, M07 is handcrafted using the softest natural squirrel hair existing on the market. It will help achieve perfect luminosity in an eye makeup, as well as on other small areas of the face. Due to its ultra-light bamboo handle, MISA M07 will be incredibly easy to work with.


Squirrel hair is the best type of natural hair which allows to achieve flawless blending of colours due to its incredibly soft touch. Makeup artists should be cautions though, and not use this brush in combination with creamy or fluid textures.

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