How can you benefit?

Create a PRO account!

If you own an Academy or if you are a TRAINER
Send us an email on  [email protected] with the subject MISA PRO. Attache your identity card, your diploma, contact number and your Insta/FB account where you have your works posted.


After registration, log into your account and follow the link. Fill in the required information. After processing the information, we will confirm your MISA PRO status.

The Academy discounts*:

  • 15% on acquisitions up to 4 items
  • 25% on acquisitions from 5 to 9 set of brushes
  • 30% on acquisitions from 10 sets of brushes and more.
  • 15% discount on individual brushes
  • 15% discount on Misa Antibacterial soap
  • 15% discount on Misa sponges

*it’s important:

1)The PRO discount is not cumulative with other campaign on the site
2)For more info please contact our team on email [email protected]
3)Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions
4)Confirmation for your PRO account will be send up to 72H on your email.